You don’t know pain like I do. You may be trying to avoid it…But I welcome it.

Nothing can take me down 

You should start a youtube channel based on the things you cook/bake also for your gameplay on lol

First off. I’m only sub-par at both things, and I think I lack the equipment and facilities used to do either. Although I have considered both things :3

So in other words…I’m starving and none of my friends want to go out to eat with me T_T

Seriously I need people I can go on late night food adventures with around OC like amirightoramiright


when you see your best friend hanging out with someone you hate


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I need to start cooking at home again.

But its kinda hard when you lack the resources…and have a roommate that refuses that you use the stove because he wants to save money.

well that and the fact that his month old plates are still in the sink but i mean……

but what I wouldnt give to get back to creating my own recipes and filling in my blank cookbook again….